Does Your Dog Pull On Its Leash?

1. Feed Them a Yummy Treats! Just having the treats in your hand may keep them closer to you and not pulling.

2. Keep your lessons short and sweet. Training a dog can be frustrating, for both your and your pooch. Keep your walks short so it’s still fun for both of you.

3. Tire Your Dog Out First– A tired dog is a compliant dog so before you begin training have some fun with your dog. We like to play fetch, and I do it until he stops bringing me his ball (and is doing some good panting.)

4. Let Her Do Some Sniffing- Dogs are simply excited for new smells and environments (it’s kind of like someone holding us back from the sales racks!). Reward him with occasional stopping and smelling. Then returning to a more structured walk.

5. If Your Dog Pulls, Stop– If they start to pull, stand still. Wait for him to loosen up, give him a treat and then resume walking. This takes patience, but eventually he will learn that not pulling might bring treats. And later you can ease up on the constant reward and just offer a treat at the end for a job well done!

Walking your dog helps build a powerful relationship between you and your dog. Make it enjoyable for both of you!


19 Ingenious Inventions For Your Pet That You Had No Idea You Needed!


The dog water fountain turns drinking water into a game.


The Slurpabowl is a cute, recyclable, portable drinking bowl that folds up and attaches to the leash.


For the dog that’s constantly trying to climb into the front seat: use this zip line harness.


The escape prevention dog harness keeps your pet from slipping through the cracks.


The Whistle Activity Monitor is an on-collar device that measures your dog’s activities including walks, play, and rest, letting you keep tabs on day-to-day behavior and long-term health trends.


For a multi-person household, get the Membo, which has tiles you can flip that signify whether the dog has been fed already.


The iFetch launches tennis balls and acts as an interactive playmate for your pet.


Gently and effectively clean your dog’s paws with this brushless paw wash.


This special water bowl has a lining that you can place in your freezer, keeping the water cold for a longer period of time.


This light-up collar lights the path for your dog on long dark winter walks.


Leanlix are dog treats that come in a lip balm-like tube so you can reward your dog on the go with no mess.


The one-of-a-kind Hydrobone has a foam core that absorbs and releases water as your dog chews it.


Give your dog a window to the world with the PetPeek Fence Window.


This collapsible travel cup comes with a carabiner so you can attach it anywhere.


This fold-up chair with pet compartment is perfect for camping, tailgating, or just hanging in the backyard.


For the pup who engages in proper dining etiquette, there’s a high chair.


These rubber genome toys will make your bully sticks last longer because your dog will have to work to get to it.


These “in the wall” pet bowls fold up when not in use to save space.


If your dog tends to scratch the door and leave marks when it’s time to go out, get the door protector.

If you are interested in purchasing some of these items I can direct you to where to find them if you leave a comment!

Its HOT out there! Here are some tips to keep your furry friend cool!

1. Frozen Treats & Food

Check your local petstore for logs of pet food. Most have these available and the logs can be cut into large chunks and frozen. Even better, put treats or toys in a bowl and freeze it, turn it upside down and let your dog enjoy! it will be entertained and cooled by licking the ice block for its favorite goodies!

2. Use a Kid Pool

Not all dogs love water, but it’s worth a try to see if yours does! Kiddie pools are cheap and can be filled up and kept in the shade for your dog to stand or lay in when he gets overheated. Kiddie pool too much of a hassle? Throw down a wet towel in the shade that your pup can rest on to cool off.

3. Keep Your Dog Inside

If at all possible, try to keep your dog inside on hot days. This is especially recommended during the hottest part of the day. Worried your dog will tear up the place while you’re gone? Most dogs can be kept in crates for a few hours while your gone keeping your future and your furry friend safe.

4. Time Your Walks & Exercise Right

Even though you might not feel like it, your dog still need exercise in the heat of the summer. Try to walk or run your pooch in the early morning or late afternoon when it’s cooled down a bit and overheating is less of a threat.

5. Grooming Can Make a Huge Difference

If you have a dog with long hair or a dense undercoat, a trip to the groomer can work wonders! Thick undercoats can be brushed out and long hair can be cut to increase air circulation and allow your dog to feel breezes to cool down.

6. Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Never underestimate the importance of having water available for your pet at all times!

19 Dog-Friendly Stores Where You Can Shop With Your Pup!

Last time I was in Chicago I noticed in a few of the big stores like Macys and Bloomingdales that people had dogs of all shapes and sizes. I looked into it and it turns out they have a friendly pet policy, here are a few other business’ that love dogs just as much as we do!

1. Lowe’s 2. Home Depot 3. Pottery Barn 4. Macy’s 5. Bass Pro Shops 6. Barnes and Noble 7. LUSH Cosmetics 

8. Restoration Hardware 9. Gap 10. Bloomingdale’s 11. Urban Outfitters 12. Anthropologie 13. Free People

14. Foot Locker 15. Bebe 16. Nordstrom 17. Old Navy 18. Saks Fifth Avenue 19. Tractor Supply Co.

(according to the Huffingtonpost)