Tips For Your Pets Separation Anxiety

Many pets can suffer from animal anxiety if they are left alone for too long, but most of us are forced to leave our dog alone all day while we work. Here are some tips to follow while adapting Fido to your busy lifestyle:

Rise and Shine

You want to get moving with pets in the morning before you go to work so they are tired for most of the day. Animals tend to sleep throughout much of the afternoon, but taking your dog for a walk or run before going to work will let it work off some energy so it doesn’t take it out on your furniture.


If there aren’t any toys for your dog to play with while you’re at work, it could chew up your brand new pair of boots or scratch a hole in the curtain. Make sure to keep several toys for it to play with that don’t require a human to be around for it to enjoy to avoid animal anxiety.

Dog Walker

Sure, a dog walker seems like an expensive option to keep your pooch happy, but consider asking a close neighbor or friend that is around during the day to take it for an afternoon walk. Not only will this decrease animal anxiety and the risk of your pup having an accident in your apartment, but it will help to zap some energy that has probably built up since the morning walk. You can begin to decrease visits from a walker once your dog gets used to being alone for the majority of the afternoon.

Create a Routine

Now that you are in a strict schedule for work, why not take this time to get your pooch accustomed to this daily routine as well? Right after you get home, you should take your dog for a walk to go to the bathroom and get a bit of exercise. After maintaining this routine, puppy will likely get used to the regimented schedule and be able to relax during the afternoon.


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